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A Heat Recovery Ventilation System (HRV) is an essential system for most modern energy efficient new homes.

The system works by recovering the heated air from rooms where additional heat or moisture have been produced within the building and uses this heat to pre-heat the fresh air that is supplied into the building.

This heat recovery ventilation unit is generally installed in the attic space of the building. As the unit is sizeable the free space in the attic is an ideal location. The extract points are mounted at ceiling level in all “wet” rooms e.g. Kitchen, Utility, Bathroom, Hot Press etc. These points are interconnected via the rigid plastic ductwork system, which is terminated at the heat recovery unit.

Within the heat recovery unit the extracted air is passed through a filter before the counter-flow heat exchanger. The incoming filtered fresh air passes on the other side of the exchanger. This is where the heat is transferred or recovered. The extracted and fresh airs do not mix. This warmed fresh air is then distributed in a separate duct configuration to serve all other rooms.

Rigid ductwork is designed to reduce turbulence and in turn noise generation within the duct. Our installation involves the ducting being triple fastened to minimize air leakage and thus maximizing efficiency of the system as a whole.

After the installation process the system is commissioned by using an air flow hood. This involves precisely calibrating the air flows supply and extract, going to each room.

A Heat Recovery Ventilation installation means that there is no need for the traditional inefficient and uncontrollable passive air vents in a wall*, trickle vents in a window and/or toilet extractor fans. It also means that there is no need to open windows to freshen up a room

*To comply with building regulations and health and safety standards a permanent vent will still be required in a wall where there is an open fire or a front vented stove.

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