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Suitable for Domestic & Commercial Applications, Biomass is a general term used to describe energy produced from any source of vegetation.

These fuel sources are used a lot on the European continent where they use everything from olive husks to grass to timber from well managed forests. The majority of biomass used in Ireland is categorised into wood pellets, wood chip or logs.

The associated biomass boilers used for burning these fuel types are fundamentally basic in concept but are engineered to maximise efficiency. The control strategy for these biomass boilers primarily depends on the fuel used.

These systems are perhaps the most cost effective and environmentally beneficial products available for the production of heat for domestic to large-scale commercial benefits. The boilers loads can go from 20kW to 2 MW of power. They are categorised as being carbon neutral as the majority of the time the fuel source is specifically grown to be harvested as a fuel. As they are growing they are removing CO2 from the atmosphere and when they are used as a fuel this is released back into the environment.

The quality and moisture of the wood fuel is paramount to the effectiveness and efficiency of the heat being produced. Also storage area must be easily accessible and dry. The required area can be sizeable depending on the fuel type requested and size of boiler specified. These systems can save 40 to 50{0e03296e64762fb1b83dbeb3fd342838d2fa405da824e3b07eee8b48ab43bf14} for heating a property versus the price of oil systems.

We have a perfect climate for growing our own “fuel crops” but unfortunately there is no coordinated effort by successful governments to help promote this industry yet.

Please visit or website or contact us to arrange a site survey to determine suitability.

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