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An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is a heating system that uses the temperature in the outside air as its primary energy source. Under the principles of vapor compression refrigeration, an ASHP uses this system which involves an evaporator and compressor to absorb energy from the outside air and release it at a much higher temperature into the indoor heating system.

Our ASHP can offer a full central heating solution and is capable of heating the water up to 80 ° C directly from the compressor without the use of a backup heater. This is not available by any other heat pump manufacturer. Our units can heat your home year round and are stringently tested so as their performance can be guaranteed down to -20 ° C.

Our air source heat pump automatically monitors the indoor and outdoor temperatures at all times. Based on these measurements and your comfort requirements, the unit will run the compressor via its invertor (speed controller) to the most efficient level, which means the system is always providing the most cost effective and comfortable output. It will work with either underfloor heating, radiators, fan coil units or a combination of these systems.

The ideal heating system for your home is a system that is kind to the environment and also kind to your pocket. With our Air Source Heat Pump you get just that, with a very rapid payback on your initial investment as these systems can save between 50{0e03296e64762fb1b83dbeb3fd342838d2fa405da824e3b07eee8b48ab43bf14} and 70{0e03296e64762fb1b83dbeb3fd342838d2fa405da824e3b07eee8b48ab43bf14} over an oil fired system on a new build or an existing home.

These savings are substantially more compared with LPG systems.

Another big advantage you have with this type of system is that it runs on electricity. How can that be an advantage you might ask?

The answer to this is three fold:

1. You are not at the mercy of fuel delivery in cold or adverse weather conditions.

2. You are not directly affected by increases in oil and gas prices as electricity generation is only proportionally affected by fossil fuel prices due to other electricity sources, such as wind and hydro, which are increasing in significance for electricity generation.

3. It leaves you in position where you can add a photovoltaic system (PV).

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